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First Time Parents & Grandparents:


If you are expecting your first child or grandchild or have had your first child or grandchild in the last 12 months, you qualify for the presale!

There is no cost to attend, but a ticket is required. Adoptive parents and foster parents are also welcome to attend.

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Whether shopping for the classroom, Sunday school class or your own homeschooled children, we appreciate your commitment to children. There is no cost to attend the presale, but a ticket is required.

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We are thankful for the service and sacrifice your family makes everyday!  There is no cost to attend the presale, but a ticket is required.

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Public PreSale Ticket:

PreSale Ticket good only on April 12, 2019

Want deals even earlier than everyone else.  No worries JBF takes care of  ALL of our families.  Shop before the public and get the best deals of the sale.  Don't wait. Limited amount of tickets available.

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Need a fundraiser for your organization?... We have 2 EASY Options For you:

At Northwest Columbus JBF Sales Events, we love helping area associations and groups by being a fundraising partner!


1.  Fundraising:  Just Between Friends is your answer to the traditional fundraisers! JBF has a win-win for you and your group or organization. All you need to do is:
1.Sign up and get a consignor number for your group.
2.Select a JBF coordinator for your group.
3.The coordinator can collect and tag sale items for your group like a single consignor would normally, and bring them items to the sale during the drop-off period for the event.

At the end of the sale, your group or organization will receive a check for 65% of all items sold, less the $10 consignor fee. If someone from your organization or a group of people, your group help at set up or tear down you earn 10% more! This is an easy way to raise funds for your group and to help everyone clean out their closets in the process. Questions? Contact us so we can put cash into your organization!

2.  Group Service Fundraising Opportunity
We are accepting nominations for an organization to help us at the JBF Sale in return for a $250 donation to the organization or a cause that the organization supports! We'd love to have an ongoing relationship with this organization, which provides a fundraising potential of $500 per year if your group participates in both of our events!

For the donation, we ask the organization to commit 10 or more individuals (age 14 or older) to help at the JBF Sale for the breakdown and unsold item sorting process. The volunteers would need to be able to do a fair amount of moving clothing and other items around and sort them according to our instructions - requiring good attention to detail. This group will supplement a group of 10+ volunteers who we recruit through our volunteer schedule as it is a big undertaking to get everything sorted. Contact us for more info!



Kori Zwilling

Email: korizwilling@jbfsale.com
Cell Phone:  614-206-1225


Wow! Raising kids is expensive.

As a mom of 4, I get it!  Raising kids on a tight budget is tough...not to mention how FAST they grow out of things. Every time you turn around your child grows 2 more inches.  That's why as a frugal mom I wanted to keep Just Between Friends in Central Ohio. The events allow local families to sell the items their kids no longer use, and get way MORE for LESS! It's a win-win and why I love JBF...I know you will too!