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Drop OFF:

April  10, 2019 from 4pm-8pm  

April 11, 2019 from 8am-12pm     

                                                                                                                                          PreSale: Thursday April 11                       

5 Hour Plus Volunteers shop at 4pm

Setup and Break Down Volunteers shop at 4pm

2 Hour Plus Volunteers shop at 4:15pm

Consignors shop at  4:30pm

1st Time Moms,Grandparents, Military, Foster Mom, Teacher (Pass Required, Go to Tickets Page to get your FREE pass) shop from 5pm-7pm

Friday April 12, 2019

PreSale (Pass Required.  Get your FREE pass on our Ticks Page.) shop at 9am-10am

Public Shopping (Free, No Pass) shop from 10am-7pm

Saturday April 13, 2019

Public Shopping(FREE, NO Pass) shop from 9am-2pm

50% OFF Shopping = NO Star | shop from  4pm-7pm

Sunday April 14, 2019 | 50% OFF and 75%OFF Day           

Public Shopping (FREE, NO Pass) shop from  9am-12pm                                                                                      

Pick Up                                        6pm-7pm


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Franklin County Fairgrounds in Hilliard

Ganyard Building

5035 Northwest Parkway, Hilliard, Ohio 43026

What is JBF?  It's a way to say YES to things your child needs!  Families in our community  SELL  their items for well below retail (50-90%), allowing you huge savings - from clothing, books, puzzles, strollers, toys, shoes, car seats, boppies and so much more!  Did we mentions books and toys??

Just Between Friends is a fun, fashionable, affordable and an oh so friendly way to meet new friends!


Come see what the excitement is all about!
It's organized like a retail store.
Prices are 50% - 90% off retail.
Items are all in good condition-Many new!


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Meghan P

October 18, 2018

"You have the potential to make more money, and the items at your sales are cheaper. It is just a matter of spreading the word to create a stronger customer base."

April S

April 05, 2018

"This was my first time selling with JBF. It was so easy I will absolutely do it again. Thank you!"

Emily K

April 04, 2018

The woman ( Kori Zwilling) who ran the sale did and amazing job.

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Kori Zwilling

Email: korizwilling@jbfsale.com
Cell Phone:  614-206-1225


Wow! Raising kids is expensive.

As a mom of 4, I get it!  Raising kids on a tight budget is tough...not to mention how FAST they grow out of things. Every time you turn around your child grows 2 more inches.  That's why as a frugal mom I wanted to keep Just Between Friends in Central Ohio. The events allow local families to sell the items their kids no longer use, and get way MORE for LESS! It's a win-win and why I love JBF...I know you will too!